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For Ryan’s products only! Until the end of Feburary 2020, after purchasing this product, e-mail and let him know which 3 products you would like for him to package for you (this includes plugins!). This specific order is processed manually, please allow up to 10 hours to receive your links! —- Choose 3 of any products from THIS PAGE! —- Pick 3 special ($64.95)

Bullet Dynamics for LightWave

Combined Video Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes PREREQUISITES: Basic knowledge of Modeler and Layout. This content assumes you are comfortable with the Lightwave interface and focuses heavily on Bullet Dynamics. INCLUDED CHAPTERS (Sample scenes are included): 1) The Basics – An introduction to the bullet body types, walk-through of the interface, general workflow stuff. 2) Workflow and Scale – Overview of how to utilize bullet in a practical scenario using a penny jar as an example. There are issues created by trying to simulate such small objects in such highRead More

Unreal Bridge for Lightwave Users

Combined Video Runtime: 47 Minutes INCLUDED CHAPTERS: 1) Intro and Setup – Includes some time-saving shortcuts that will allow you to apply settings to every new project you make. 2) Unreal Bridge – Detailed overview of Lightwave’s interchange tools with Unreal. 3) Preparing Models – The ins and outs of what you need to know to make models and their surfacing work properly in Unreal 4) Skysphere and Lights – Set up your backdrop and get interactive global illumination with gorgeous scene-wide lighting. Sky lights can be made to useRead More

RR Cam: the ultimate camera tool for Lightwave

RR Cam is designed to greatly enhance the capabilities of Lightwave cameras with non-destructive, multi-constraint setups complete with motion layers and other quality camera editing tools. The video here explains: RR_Cam from on Vimeo. COMPATIBILITY: Lightwave version 11+ Enter Your Product Lock # HERE: ($29.95) Get RR Cam!

The Daz3d to Lightwave Motion Capture Utility

Daz3d to Lightwave Motion Capture Utility: By Ryan Roye Check out this clip showing how to use the plugin! Daz3d can be a valuable resource for free, high quality human models and accessories, but there are three problems: 1) How do I get content from Daz to Lightwave properly? 2) How can someone actually animate these characters using the rig provided upon export? 3) How can clothing models be made to work with Daz characters with minimal effort? All of these questions are answered in this plugin/video content bundle. YouRead More

The Quick Start Guide to Octane for Lightwave

The Quick Start Guide to Octane for Lightwave by Ryan Roye Octane is a gpu renderer capable of allowing a single computer to replace a render farm, known for its rapid global illumination and physically accurate lighting. VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________ Video Runtime: 50 minutes Video Resolution: 1600×872 Subtitles: None _____________________________ CONTENT COVERED IN VIDEOS _____________________________ – The Render Target Nodes (Camera, Imager, Post Processing, Render Passes, Environment, Kernel) – Surfacing basics – Lighting basics – Common rendering issues and their solutions – Tips on removing noise – Surface baking –Read More

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Happy Independence Day! Get 25% off with Coupon Code: ID4 Don’t forget that this applies to just about everything in our store, including bundled products and software.

The RealFlow Quick Start Guide

This very concise, carefully designed course will get you up to speed using Realflow by identifying all of the critical elements necessary to produce usable fluid simulations. Lightwave connectivity plugin usage is also covered. For more information on this learning content, go here:

The official Liberty3d video channel

Liberty3d now has a video channel where we will be posting everything related to 3d. Demos, experiments, news and sofourth will be posted on this vimeo channel. To kick things off, Ryan did a quick video on editing simulations using object sequences. Check us out!

Intro to Python for Lightwave

Intro to Python for Lightwave by Ryan Roye Knowledge of Python scripting will augment what you already know about Lightwave by introducing automation to your workflow. Forget wading through overly complicated examples or fighting with undocumented functions, this content is results-focused and will immediately benefit your production process. This material will easily pay for itself in the time you will save having programming capabilites in your tool-set. Please note that this content only covers Lightwave Layout scripting. Scripting for Lightwave Modeler is what I consider an advanced topic. However, knowRead More

The Syflex Workflow Guide

The Syflex Workflow Guide by Ryan Roye Syflex is a very powerful 3rd party soft body simulation engine for Lightwave… but it’s poorly understood despite the fact it’s up to 50 times faster than native tools. Simulate character clothing, hair, water, mud, leaves, and anything you can think of in real time. Ryan demystifies this underrated plugin and introduces trade secret workflows that will let your dynamics work with your scene rather than against it! VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________ Video Runtime (Syflex content): Approx. 80 minutes Video Runtime (Supplementary): Approx. 26Read More

Fusion 7, high end compositing software is now 100% free.

No strings attached, this high end compositing software previously priced at ~$1000 for its basic version is now entirely free to download. This is absolutely mindblowing. Get it on the BlackMagic website. BlackMagic Design recently acquired Eyeon, the original developers of the application and it is speculated that they are looking to revitalize the userbase with this move. There is still a “studio” version of Fusion 7 available which offers some advantages over the standard version, but a quick look at the comparison page will demonstrate that you won’t missRead More

Ryan Roye’s “Everything Bundle”

Want everything Ryan Roye has ever published on at a significant discount that can be used with coupon codes? This bundle is for you. Here’s what the bundle includes (click the links for video info on these products). Unreal Bridge for Lightwave Users ($65) Bullet Dynamics for Lightwave ($65) Current Rigging Concepts ($55) Intro to Python for Lightwave ($55) The Comprehensive Guide to IKBooster, parts 1 through 5 ($100 for both parts) Common Scenarios for Character Animators($35) Weapons FX in Lightwave($50) Cage and Lattice Workflows($65) The Syflex Workflow Guide($70)Read More

Cage and Lattice Workflows by Ryan Roye

Cage and Lattice Workflows by Ryan Roye The video pretty much says it all. Power up with 3rd Powers! VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________ Video Runtime (all combined): Approx. 80 minutes Video Resolution: 1600×872 Subtitles: English (contact me at if you’d like to contribute subtitles in other languages) _____________________________ CONTENT COVERED IN VIDEO (paired with sample .LWS scenes) _____________________________ —- CAGE CONTENT Cage Deformer Introduction Cage Types Blob Setup (demonstration only) Enhancing Displacements (using Cages with dynamics) Facial Cages Spline Deforming Cages Cage Full Body Adjustment Rigs Assorted sample scenes forRead More

New for Layout: RR Tools Pro available now!

Click this link for the RR_Tools_Pro main page. For more information on this plugin set. The video below demonstrates these new tools in action.

New layout plugins by Ryan Roye

I always felt that Lightwave Layout was lacking a few critical pieces of functionality necessary to have efficient rigging and animation workflows, so I’m considering this an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: learn programming in Lightwave, and address some of the long-standing issues i’ve had with the tools available out of the box. Currently, Symmetry editing and bone pinning tools have been made. More are in the works in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! (NOTE: You can get to all of Ryan’s content via theRead More

Ryan’s Animation Kit

Save up to 40% with this powerhouse product bundle by Ryan Roye. The package includes: The Comprehensive Guide to IKBooster, parts 1-2The Comprehensive Guide to IKBooster, parts 3-5Common Scenarios for Character AnimatorsCage and Lattice WorkflowsDelura Behind the Scenes You will have everything you need to greatly enhance your animation workflow at a fraction of the price it would otherwise cost to purchase them separately. The savings you get from this bundle may be combined with coupon codes for additional savings! Ryan’s Animation Kit (contains all titles listed above) ($129.95)

Weapons FX in Lightwave by Ryan Roye

Weapons FX in Lightwave is a training series focused on rigging and automating a large majority of the effects revolving around weapons fire, and encompasses many other topics related to it such as setting up transparent planar textures to simulate muzzle fire. VIDEO CONTENT DETAILS: ~70 minutes of video content (1600×872 resolution). 7 sample scenes, consisting of Laser Cutting Machine Gun (gun modeled by Kevman) Lightning Turret (turret modeled by Chilton Webb), check out some of his tutorials: modeling, unity) Grenade Launcher Spaceship Cannons Handgun Particle Settings Demo NOTE: WhileRead More

How to reverse particles in Lightwave

Liberty3d citizen D.W Burman gives us a quick tip on how to reverse the animation of particles. Check out his other video tutorials

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