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The Quick Start Guide to Octane for Lightwave

The Quick Start Guide to Octane for Lightwave by Ryan Roye Octane is a gpu renderer capable of allowing a single computer to replace a render farm, known for its rapid global illumination and physically accurate lighting. VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________
  • Video Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Video Resolution: 1600×872
  • Subtitles: None
  • _____________________________ CONTENT COVERED IN VIDEOS _____________________________ – The Render Target Nodes (Camera, Imager, Post Processing, Render Passes, Environment, Kernel) – Surfacing basics – Lighting basics – Common rendering issues and their solutions – Tips on removing noise – Surface baking – Displacement surfacing _____________________________ Videos also include bundled sample content. PURCHASE LINKS: As always, if you have any questions about the content before or after purchase, e-mail me at Please note that prior knowledge of Lightwave’s general native workflows are assumed; this content is focused solely on the Octane plugin! The Octane Quick Start Guide for Lightwave
    ($59.95) Click here for links to Ryan Roye’s other training products Click here for link to Ryan Roye’s commercial plugins

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