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June, 2012


Denis P. Is at it again!

Ok now this is just damd cool and super needed to replace Shift Spline+ Transform! Here is the NewTek forums thread to read all about it but you can now find it as part of DPKit.

Stasys Update: Production Design

Last night I met with an amazingly talented and happy friendly concept  artist and who is very excited about “Stasys”. For 3 hours we discussed the concepts behind the project, the script itself and more and it was a very productive meeting. I sincerely hope he agrees to come on board in an official capacity as I feel his work in the past, some of which was instrumental in establishing the iconic looks and feel of a show I worked on (hint hint) will help to propel Stasys into the furthest reachesRead More

LightWave3D Animators needed!

ATTN: If you live in Quebec or the Atlantic Provinces and you are a LightWave3D character animator please contact Kat @ with your resume and reel links ASAP. Paid job coming up, slots for 2 people, short term but you can work remotely. You HAVE to live in one of these areas in order to be considered. Cheers.

Quickstart Guide to AA in LW11

LightWave 11 includes some major changes to antialiasing and quality settings. This video is designed to get you up to speed quickly with a brief comparison with LW9.6 and a quick overview of the settings in LW11.

IpiSoft Releases IpiSoftDMC 2.0 Beta

Ipisoft has introduced its latest update for their Desktop Motion Capture line of products. 2.0 is now in beta and you can test it today. Some interesting functions that have emerged are numerous, but one that strikes me as being the most handy that this version will support conversion from 1.x format video to 2.0 format video which will compress the material and thus not suck up a huge amount of drive space. This is good! Another function is the improved recorder itself which seems much more thought outRead More