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Stasys Update: Production Design

Last night I met with an amazingly talented and happy friendly concept  artist and who is very excited about “Stasys”. For 3 hours we discussed the concepts behind the project, the script itself and more and it was a very productive meeting. I sincerely hope he agrees to come on board in an official capacity as I feel his work in the past, some of which was instrumental in establishing the iconic looks and feel of a show I worked on (hint hint) will help to propel Stasys into the furthest reaches of space. In addition to meeting up with ____ __ I have been slammed trying to collect up reference and other materials to hand to him and the rest of the team who are continuing to build out tests, experiment with texturing looks for our characters and more.  So progress continues and we need your contribution to the pre-production campaign today to keep going (even though we will keep going no matter what). So please check out the campaign and make a contribution today!

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