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Stasys Pre-Production begins! Call for artists!

It seems that things are picking up speed on two fronts right now. First off, our fundraising campaign is starting to pick up speed thanks to our contributors and the LightWave community. So far we are just under 10% of the campaign goal raised and all this in just 2 weeks. Thus far we have raised $1667.00USD with over 500 of that coming in just today. This is really great news and we appreciate everyone’s support. Secondly – I have formed a new Skype chat channel for artists wanting to participate on the show so if you want in, now is the time to contact me. Hit me up on Skype at “djlithiu” or email me at kat@ and I will fill you in on the details! More info soon! Great day in the office so far and progress is being made every hour. Cheers! Kat

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