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The stupid things distributors do.

There are several great and then not so great distribution companies out there when it comes to feature film and TV, game and other media distribution. Having dealt with many companies in the past from the absolute bottom of the barrel to the absolute top of the food chain in my career in movies music and microcode catagories, Revolver in the UK seems to be among the worst if not dumbest distributor I have had the pleasure to deal with, even if it is just through proxy via my good friends over at Blind Spot and Energia who made Iron Sky. Check this bullshizen out! Needless to say, when it comes to “Stasys” I want nothing to do with short sighted idiots like the people at Revolver or anywhere else who would pull a fast one like this. There is NO logic to what they are doing except that they are morons and have no clue as to what the film’s potential is. But then again, this is a release in a country that had a comedy skit that was incredibly popular and dealt with the simple phrase “Don’t mention the WAR!” via Faulty Towers. Maybe Luke can chime in about how much these people are complete “twats” for screwing the Iron Sky release up like this. I’m sure he was going to go and see it theaters with family and friends and scwacks of other people. That alone would ensure it would do better than Zombie hooker strippers or whatever. Cheerio. Kat

3 Comments to The stupid things distributors do.

  1. erikals says:

    it’s such a shame, it’s sad really,

    here in Norway several critics gave the movie 6 out of 6…

    a tragic strategy by Revolver :l

  2. IanR says:

    One Day only tut tut!

    Didn’t a Contract lawyer pull them on this?

    Oulswang (Film media Lawyers i have used)in London
    (90 High Holborn),should been put on their tails.

    So my suggestion is pull out the Supa-Dupa DVD of the
    making of Iron Sky
    :Call it The Whole Movie in a box Plug-in/Platinum Tutorial,
    etc, or what ever.
    Punch in all the stuff/mesh assets that never made the edit.
    Make it that knee trembling Tutorial on LightWave & Comping for other Apps Houses to slobber over!
    Get Newtek & Others to plug it,while you relaunch after expiry of their contract- talk to Oulswang over this.
    Don’t let the bastards get U down.

  3. Silvio Toledo says:

    Only One Day? This is not a good strategy except if there’s a great marketing before.

    Distribuitors have their reasons that sometimes are not the best choice. The big problem is that they have too much choice.

    Keep fighting!

    I also hope to see Iron Sky here in Brazil wich have also a great Market for films!

    And Hope Iron Sky will enter in USA Theaters, the real big market.

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