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August, 2011


Iron Sky – Day 105

It’s now well past midnight and I’m here making one last preview in the last big push over the next 24 hours to complete all of the previs for the show that we are responsible for so we can get it to our editors in Helsinki. This is critical in the process as most would expect. Now the real challenge will be to get that VFX locked edit back to us ASAP with as little “too many chiefs” factor involved so we can get to the next stage of theRead More

New Nexus2 Expansion – Releases DubStep/Electro Vol.1

Those crazy kats at are back at it again – this time another massive collection of extremely popular (but not pop!) dubstep and electro dance/trance/tech house sounds ready to drop into Nexus 2 and go. More details here about this expansion including a video showing what each sound is in the audio demo as it’s played. I will certainly be picking this one up!  

Iron Sky – Day 102

Saturday has again appeared and its almost the end of the month. For us its just another day while the rest of the crew has a “weekend”. Wow, must be nice to work only 9-5 and let a bunch of other people pick up the slack, pulling 12+ hour days 6-7 days a week, weeks and months on end. Bitter? No, I’m used to these kinds of schedules and working hours because well frankly that’s what is expected of someone working on set for a film and generally in postRead More

Annosoft Automatic Lipsync Tool Now Supports LightWave

Annosoft has announced LW Morph Mixer export for their Desktop Lipsync Tool. Hit up their website for a save-restricted demo. Email them for a save-enabled demo.

Liberty3D HD Workstations Discussed with

I recently did an interview with about our new line of 3D workstations built by Shuttle Computer USA. You can read more about it here. And here for part two.

Iron Sky – Day 99

Thanks the feline gods for “live action plates”. Joy! Ok now onto other things. Tuomas is busy here working on APSing the surface of the Moon which is working to a certain degree after he’s put together a 46K (yes, 46,000 pixels) map of the moon surface pulled from NASA to apply to our moon. Awesome! The trick is getting it to render as the total ram count for the image and the object once subdiveded per pixel per poly is right to the wall on the 16GB machines. CouldRead More

Iron Sky – Day 96

I’m in the office early today after having to take the weekend off due to a very sore throat. While I am not 100% and I have been asleep most of the weekend the show must go on. I came in for a few hours last night and found Mark just about to head out after a long day doing “moon stuff” and Tuomas and Luke continuing on previs for the show. There are so many things that are “gaps” in the edit right now that leaves massive question marksRead More

QuadPanels 1.5.1 – Bugfix

It took a long time but the engineers at Liberty3D have finally resolved the bug in QuadPanels causing it to crash on the Mac under 10.1. Click here to download the update

Lightwave Plugin of the Week: c-plane

Cplane is an old and free plugin that gives LightWave users some of the functionality of a construction plane.

New products available at Liberty3D

We have new releases from plugins to full project video training here @ Liberty3D!

New Products Update And Back to School Savings

We haven’t been doing a great job announcing new products here lately, so here’s a list of recent additions to our store. Oh and save 30% on training, plugins, textures and models until the end of August with this coupon code: school

Iron Sky – Day 91

It’s become increasingly clear to me that the production doesn’t not have enough render power on hand currently to deal with the amount of shots we have remaining to complete. I have a plan to deal with this, and I’m not freaked out or anything, but the reasons are a bit upsetting. They (the shots) have become more complex almost daily and their number and to a certain extent a lack of “commit or die” factor and for some strange reason is still not fixed and locked. This is dueRead More

Iron Sky – Day 88

We are now joined by Mark Hennessy-Barrett who comes to us from the United Kingdom which is still smoldering from riots and rude yobs. Mark will be taking on a sequence of shots in the film that are very important to the story and will also lend a hand in other areas. This is good because we needed the help. We are lucky to have him on board and I’m happy to finally meet and work with him. Should be cool 🙂 Lee has made a huge amount of progressRead More

Iron Sky – Day 87

The battle for Scar… err… sorry, I was having a BSG flash back there. Anyway, the Fight for Freedom here on Iron Sky continues. Even on weekends. I took a bit of time off today to recharge. I’m still exhausted but meh, whatever. Part of the Ozone challenge has been resolved, but no thanks to E-On Software. It wasn’t what they suggested at all. I will have to go into details on it later but its again, all to do with their stupid copy protection and the installer of theRead More

Lightwave Plugin of the Week: AE Link

Motion graphics artists who use Lightwave rejoice! You now have a quick, easy, reliable way to get your Lightwave scenes (motions, renders & placeholder layers) into After Effects. Not only that, but you can change the animation in LW and update the AE project with the click of a button.

Iron Sky – Day 84

Yeah. I’m still having issues with Ozone, turns out that one of the bug fixes I was sent wasn’t part of the installer used to put ozone on one of the other machines to do render tests. That in turn confused ozones “core” (why is it that everyone wanted to call their apps core for a while? its a stupid name/idea as we have seen – its not sexy, I don’t care what marketing says. HardCore (porn), C4D CORE (rotten to the core?) all come to mind when I hearRead More

Iron Sky – Day 83

Ok, now I’m starting to get mad. I have to say that I absolutely despise E-on Software at the moment.  Dear E-on, should you be reading this. I think your software, and your registration technology and “anti-piracy” methods are a bad thing. Why? Because I am a legitimate user who has spent thousands of dollars on your product for the privilege to use it maybe twice a year in a shot or two if not less – but spends even more time in terms of wasted time on getting itRead More

Sony Vegas to Lightwave Script: LW-Link

Vincent Mesman posted a video demonstrating a script (Javascript) he wrote that creates a link between Sony Vegas and Lightwave. It looks like a nice workflow for adding 3D elements to a shot. Not only does it set the frame size and scene length (with handles), but it also transfers markers, background plates, audio, timecode and compression settings.

Siggraph Vancouver Day 1

While I am not in Vancouver to attend Siggraph this year, word is from our people on the floor that NewTek has skipped out on the show almost entirely. There will be no “booth” in the traditional sense but only guest speaking spots by NT people (Rob Powers I guess?) at hardware vendors that are NewTek friendly. Such a disappointment. I really don’t understand the decision myself but hopefully one of our Citizens can get the information and kill any speculation as to why from Rob if they meet upRead More

Lightwave Plugin of the Week: DP Instance

This week’s plugin is DP Instance by Denis Pontonnier. Why? because I already had a video recorded for it. Instancing is a great way to fill your landscape with trees or hive with bees without having to fill your scene file (or RAM) with hundreds or thousands of objects.