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Monday, August 8th, 2011


Iron Sky – Day 83

Ok, now I’m starting to get mad. I have to say that I absolutely despise E-on Software at the moment.  Dear E-on, should you be reading this. I think your software, and your registration technology and “anti-piracy” methods are a bad thing. Why? Because I am a legitimate user who has spent thousands of dollars on your product for the privilege to use it maybe twice a year in a shot or two if not less – but spends even more time in terms of wasted time on getting itRead More

Sony Vegas to Lightwave Script: LW-Link

Vincent Mesman posted a video demonstrating a script (Javascript) he wrote that creates a link between Sony Vegas and Lightwave. It looks like a nice workflow for adding 3D elements to a shot. Not only does it set the frame size and scene length (with handles), but it also transfers markers, background plates, audio, timecode and compression settings.

Siggraph Vancouver Day 1

While I am not in Vancouver to attend Siggraph this year, word is from our people on the floor that NewTek has skipped out on the show almost entirely. There will be no “booth” in the traditional sense but only guest speaking spots by NT people (Rob Powers I guess?) at hardware vendors that are NewTek friendly. Such a disappointment. I really don’t understand the decision myself but hopefully one of our Citizens can get the information and kill any speculation as to why from Rob if they meet upRead More