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Iron Sky – Day 83

Ok, now I’m starting to get mad. I have to say that I absolutely despise E-on Software at the moment.  Dear E-on, should you be reading this. I think your software, and your registration technology and “anti-piracy” methods are a bad thing. Why? Because I am a legitimate user who has spent thousands of dollars on your product for the privilege to use it maybe twice a year in a shot or two if not less – but spends even more time in terms of wasted time on getting it to work, installing it on the machine I have been provided to work on away from home and yet every time your product tries to screw me over. I really really hate you and your product. If I could return it and get my money back in full, I would.

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4 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 83

  1. Phil says:

    e-on have proven very responsive when I’ve lodged issues with them.

    Which product is misbehaving, and how?

  2. kat says:

    Ozone5 is sucking it. I can get it to run ok on both systems that I have it installed on via LW GUI but for LWSN, only one box works. It’s stupid because both systems pull their configs and LW apps from the same ffing place.

  3. Mike says:

    Hey Kat. Not 100% sure but I *think* Ozone requires a license for EACH rendernode. That’s the way I read it since they post a price for a Network Rendering License @ $95 which sucks.

  4. kat says:

    Hey Mike. See that’s the funny part. I have licenses and I still can’t get it to freaking work. And at 95bucks a pop you would think they would serve you dinner or something afterwards. I would rather have the license attached to a dongle and then flexLM it or something so that the nodes would check with the license server and then render and I wouldn’t have to do all this install, license, activate, authenticate, run once on the LW node in LW and then activate again and then find it to blow out on me for some stupid reason. I hate their copy protection flat out and frankly its whats killing my use of their product. I can deal with it being slow and even being pricy per node, but not when it doesn’t work and is flaky as hell.

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