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Fusion for LightWave Artists Part II

Kat does it again! Fusion for LightWave Artists Part II a 390 minute project based tutorial using the same techniques used on and adapted from Battlestar Galactica and Iron Sky. Those shows were LightWave shows and this video is for LightWave artists detailing shot construction, Lighting, Rendering, Render Management, so as to get you up to speed on Fusion Compositing. This title further demonstrates how you can leverage the power of BlackMagic Design’s Fusion 6, 7 or 8 which is now free (basic edition); into your LightWave production workflows. You can use the information in this video right away to make your shots look like how they appear in BSG or Iron Sky and many other productions. But it’s not just about the look. It’s about how we get there and this is about “work flow”. Something many LightWave artists need to know more about in order to land those studio jobs. BSG_Celestra_TestComp_R01 Whether you use Mac or PC, Fusion is your best and most affordable compositing option available that provides absolutely uncompromising results and speed. Now, experience how you can take your LightWave work to the next level. Fusion and LightWave have a long history of being used together in top studios over the last two decades producing some of the most iconic television shows and films of our time.FFLWAPromo1 In this video Kat takes you through an entire production level shot from “Battlestar Galactica” using freely downloadable assets (download links provided). Not only that, you get the complete renders from each lighting and buffer pass. That’s 6500 frames from 16 different scene files to make up one awesome shot! No need to render at home! This package provides you with the content. That means you get all the the scenes, Fusion comp files and the renders in full! BSPacifica_RenderTest_R01This video is the second part in a series of videos designed specifically for LightWave artists in mind and is balanced between Layout and Fusion’s interface building up each element so the artist gets a firm grasp as to how to break out shots for compositing and how to manage renders in a network environment leveraging the power of Lightwave and Fusion network rendering technology.   This video gives you deep insight into how an entire shot would be produce on BSG or Iron Sky and can be applied to just about any product or project. FFLWAPromo3Stop wasting time trying to do everything in camera! Break out your shots and use your compositor to speed up your workflow while improving the look of your work immediately by applying the techniques in this title. It’s not enough to just be a modeler or animator or lighting artist these days. You need to learn how to composite your own shots and this video gets you up to speed fast on production pipeline workflows used in TV and Film production. We all know how competitive it is out there for LightWave work and one of the major complaints from studios is that while they love LightWave and want to use it, they are unable to find artists with the background knowledge and production experience required in modern studios. This video will give you the information you need to comp your own shots as well as get them in and out of render effectively and efficiently. No more excuses! Get this title and get to work!FFLWAPromo2 Get it now for only $39.49USD

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