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October, 2017


New!! Lightwave 2015 Bundle Pack (12 Volumes+ Bonus Content)

What is Lightwave 3D? Lightwave is powerful 3D Modeling/Animation and VFX software used in the Film and Television Industry by 3D artists/studios in Hollywood and all over the world. This 12 volume series is designed for beginners who are new to 3D or students who are new to Lightwave. The series will be covering everything you need to get started fast. Some of the Topics Covered throughout the 12 Volume Series will be: User Interface, Polygonal Modeling, Sub-D Modeling, UV Mapping, Surfacing Techniques, Animation Basics, Compositing Tools, Particle FX Introduction,Read More

Lightwave 2015.x – Volume #12: Modeling for Beginners

Lightwave 2015 – Volume #12: Modeling for Beginners This course is designed specifically for those who are beginners in 3D modeling and also for those who may have had some difficulty in understanding the concepts of 3D modeling. Lightwave has a massive set of great modeling tools but most beginners are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. In this training video, 3D Instructor, Adam Gibson takes you through the most important modeling tools to get you up and running fast for your own projects. Polygonal and Sub-D Modeling tools/conceptsRead More

Halloween Sale on now!

It’s time for our 7th Annual Halloween sale here at! Use the coupon code: L3DHalloween2017 until November 2nd., and get 25% off your purchases in our store for L3D brand training and tools!