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June, 2018


It’s time for our 8th annual Independence Day Sale!

Greetings everyone! It’s almost Canada Day (July 1st) and of course July 4th, the US Independence Day is just around the corner and then Kat’s Birthday after that. This means it’s time for our  8th Annual Independence Day Celebration! Use the coupon code: L3D-ID4-2018 when you visit our store in the check out box and get 25% off your purchase of almost everything we sell including many, already steeply discounted bundles and UberDeals. Don’t miss out on this sale and remember to use that coupon code: L3D-ID4-2018

TurbulenceFD Group buy-in training winner announced!

Yes! It’s time to announce the winner of the TurbulenceFD Group buy-in training package! And the winner is: Erika Eick Congratulations Erika! You will receive all of Kat’s Turbulence FD training for free for participating in the June 2018 TurbulenceFD Group buy in! Happy times!

TurbulenceFD Group Buy-in Round 3~! IGNITE!

Ok kitties! It’s on. Time for the 3rd TurbulenceFD Group buy-in event!   Things are a bit different this time but the premise is the same. A big massive discount on TurbulenceFD from (This discounted opportunity is now open and for the first time to C4D users as well. Please read carefully).   1. You must provide your LW Product Lock ID in advance this time. It will help to speed things up. 2. the email so I can keep easier track has changed for this initiative and youRead More