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TurbulenceFD Group Buy-in Round 3~! IGNITE!

Ok kitties! It’s on.
Time for the 3rd TurbulenceFD Group buy-in event!
Things are a bit different this time but the premise is the same. A big massive discount on TurbulenceFD from (This discounted opportunity is now open and for the first time to C4D users as well. Please read carefully).
1. You must provide your LW Product Lock ID in advance this time. It will help to speed things up.
2. the email so I can keep easier track has changed for this initiative and you must email me the details below.
A: Your First and Last Name
B: Your LW Product Lock ID (NO CRACKS PLEASE!) This is usually a 3-5 digit number and is not your serial number, it’s the LW product lock ID that I need.
C: The email address you wish to receive your registration information at.
3. I’m letting this round run for 7 days for the “I’m in!” round.
4. Once that closes on the 14th of June, you will have 24 hours to provide payment.
5. The final price is determined by how many people participate.
6. I will be providing an additional incentive in the form of a HEAVY discount on my TFD training which will be based on the same formula that I used last year. The number of participants in that drive all received coupons for 47% off my training and bundles. Instead of the coupons lasting a year though, they will last for 3 months instead this time. The reason for this change is a backend thing on and we are needing to keep the database that drives it as clean as possible.
7. One group buy in participant in this round will be selected randomly and receive ALL of my TFD related training from for free. That means the TurbulenceFD Projects and Concepts, any of my Practical Production Techniques videos where I deal with TFD, any of my Fusion for LightWave Artists titles that deal with TFD and of course the Nuclear Weapons Pack and Conventional Weapons pack.
8. And this is especially interesting: For the first time, Jascha has agreed to permit me to combine the group buy in discount with licenses of LightWave3D and Cinema4D. What this means is very simple. LW and C4D users who participate will contribute to the group buy in volume discount as a whole. Currently, this is not possible on This is made possible through a special agreement I have made with Jascha.
(This does not mean you get a license for both C4D and LW)
This is great news for LightWave artists and C4D artists as it means the absolute lowest price possible will be obtained by combining users of both platforms together to do a group buy of this awesome plug-in.
8. If you are a C4D user, when you email me, you will need to include the information as requested above in A, B, C but instead of the LW Product Lock ID, I will need the first 11 digits of your C4D Serial number. You must provide this when you say “I’m in.” If you don’t, I will email you back and ask. It’s better though if you do it up front as the last group buy-in was over 60 people and it’s a lot of work to chase people down.
9. If you don’t have the financial resources to participate, discount or not – please don’t say “I’m in” and then drop out later. This delays the purchase of the group buy in and is unfair to others.
10: Understanding all of this, email: and do the thing!
Happy times everyone! And remember to share this post!

5 Comments to TurbulenceFD Group Buy-in Round 3~! IGNITE!

  1. Harris Aaron says:

    Unfortunately I just missed this event! Will this event happen again in the future? If so, then I will certainly participate next time, since TFD looks incredibly powerful.

  2. Matthew Hornbostel says:

    If you keep doing these buy-ins on a fairly regular basis, I’ll be likely to participate in one. I’ve tried the free TFD demo and the simulation tools are amazing, but other big purchases take priority for me during the next 4-5 months. If, however, you happen to do another one of these things in early or mid-2019, I think I’ll be very interested in participating.

    • kat says:

      Hi Matthew. thanks for your comment.
      Please stay subscribed to our newsletter for announcements such as new group buy-ins for TFD and other products. We have a few others in mind that should be of interest and we are always open to suggestions 🙂

  3. Greg says:

    Yes, I missed the buy-in too and would like to participate next time.

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