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Pricing plan also released.

LwCad 2018.3 For LightWave3D now available!

The latest LwCad 2018.3 for LightWave was just released! We are not the only ones up to something. Viktor over at WTools who is of course the maker of LwCad has just released an update and an upgrade/pricing path you will for sure want to check out across the board. We may just have to up the ante here shortly. It’s great to see all this awesome 3rd party development activity return to LightWave3D after a decade well… Anyway, cool stuff for sure from Viktor. Make sure to check out the full details on his website!

LWCAD 2018.3 Update Overview VIDEO

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Special pricing:

Purchased licenses now include a free update to LWCAD 2020 when it is released!
LWCAD 2018(2020+) FULL:                     299 EUR or 349 USD
LWCAD 2018(2020+) UPGRADE from LWCAD 5:     149 EUR or 175 USD
LWCAD 2018(2020+) UPGRADE from LWCAD 4:     225 EUR or 259 USD
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Upgrade Policy:

1. Free upgrade. LWCAD 2018 users are eligible for a free update. 2. Paid upgrade. LWCAD 4 or 5 licensed users are eligible to purchase the update. 3. Transfer the license to Anyone who wants to update to the latest version of 2018 must be transferred to the new portal. If you are not already transferred , please log in to with your registered email. After first signing in, all your licenses are listed and you must confirm the transfer using the “Transfer all licenses” button.  

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