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Doh! Black Friday came early!!? No wait! It’s this week you silly kat!

Ok so in my crazy race to get this Christmas movie out the door for a local production company here in Las Vegas, I inadvertently forgot which freaking week Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Cyber Monday fall on. Chalk it up to trying to bash out a huge amount of 4K resolution, rotoscoping heavy shots in 10 days after the production company came back from the American Film Market and needed it all done by.. well.. today (last shot is rendering off now). So, schedules being sideways and all that, the L3D Black Friday/Cyber Monday special is back on. Get 40% off your purchase on most items in the store until Monday! USE THE CODE: L3DBFChaos2018 (Please note that not all store products are applicable this time around, sorry…) I apologize for any troubles this may have caused in terms of confusion or anything else. It’s been literally 18 hours a day for the last 10 days on this job. That and  still think sometimes Thanksgiving is in October (like it is in Canada). Sorry kitties! But enjoy the sale and grab lots of stuff! My screw up is your savings.

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2 Comments to Doh! Black Friday came early!!? No wait! It’s this week you silly kat!

  1. daniel says:

    Can’t wait to see the movie

    • kat says:

      Same. I’ve been looking at the same batch of shots for the last couple of weeks to the point where I “think” I know the plot, but really.. I couldn’t tell you. It’s one of these hallmark/lifetime type shows although not produced by those networks. It’s done by a local production company here called Quantum Arc Media. Hopefully some more stuff from them down the road. Maybe even some scifi or something.

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