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Lightwave Plugin of the Week: c-plane

Cplane is an old and free plugin that gives LightWave users some of the functionality of a construction plane. It’s old, but thankfully it also has an LScript version that keeps it functional. The “one other thing” I forgot to mention in the video is that the .lsc version doesn’t work with multiple polygons selected. You’d be well advised to save your object before using this plugin because you can mess up the object’s orientation if you aren’t careful… of course, you could just undo, so I guess saving isn’t critical. I did have it crash the LW9.6 PPC Mac version of LW in my short testing, so saving isn’t a bad idea. The .lsc version is in the same .zip as the Windows plugin. Price: Free Compatibility: If you’re using Windows 32bit or the old PPC Mac version of Lightwave, you can use the compiled .p plugin. (in LW 9.6 it was rotating all the points of the object whether the layer was on or off) If you’re using an Intel Mac version of Lightwave, you can use the LScript .lsc version. I haven’t tested this in the Win64 version of LW, but I think the .lsc version should work. As usual, you can discuss this post or suggest future plugins in the comments or the forums. I will be traveling for the few weeks, so don’t be shocked and horrified if there are no plugin of the week posts until mid September. 🙂 -dwburman

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