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A win for LightWave3D – Shark Side of the Moon on Tubi, Plus our Back to School Sale on now!

It’s time for our annual Back to School sale!

Use the coupon code: BTS2022L3D and get 30% off your purchases of almost everything in our store until September 10th!

While you are doing that, make sure you check out the Tubi Originals trailer for “Shark Side of the Moon”, made with LightWave3D, Fusion and After Effects by the artists of The Asylum. That includes Kat, Wes Sargent, Mojo, Jon Karner, David Morton, Glenn Campbell (VFX Supervisor), Tammy Klien, Neil Sopata, Sasha Burrow and many others. LightWave3D was  THE 3D application that was at the center of over 550 VFX shots in just over a month of post-production work!  As ridiculous as the premise of sharks on the moon is, the unheard of (to non-LightWave artists, this is impossible to most, for us, it’s only slightly abnormal) VFX shot count included everything from spacecraft launches to lunar crashes and of course CG sharks eating astronauts. And that’s just to start.

We hope to have more details, pending permission from Asylum, about the VFX work and other crazy things done with LightWave3D to make these impossible shows, possible. Keep in mind that the artists who worked on these shows are working on more of them, right now. For Kat, this is technically 2 movies ago. That’s how fast the Asylum moves. Think you have what it takes? Contact Kat for details! The Asylum is always looking for LW artists who can also comp! Emeowl kat[at]

For now, enjoy the crazy show and the discount during our sale, and be ready for more!


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