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Monday, August 29th, 2011


Iron Sky – Day 105

It’s now well past midnight and I’m here making one last preview in the last big push over the next 24 hours to complete all of the previs for the show that we are responsible for so we can get it to our editors in Helsinki. This is critical in the process as most would expect. Now the real challenge will be to get that VFX locked edit back to us ASAP with as little “too many chiefs” factor involved so we can get to the next stage of theRead More

New Nexus2 Expansion – Releases DubStep/Electro Vol.1

Those crazy kats at are back at it again – this time another massive collection of extremely popular (but not pop!) dubstep and electro dance/trance/tech house sounds ready to drop into Nexus 2 and go. More details here about this expansion including a video showing what each sound is in the audio demo as it’s played. I will certainly be picking this one up!