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Iron Sky – Day 99

Thanks the feline gods for “live action plates”. Joy! Ok now onto other things. Tuomas is busy here working on APSing the surface of the Moon which is working to a certain degree after he’s put together a 46K (yes, 46,000 pixels) map of the moon surface pulled from NASA to apply to our moon. Awesome! The trick is getting it to render as the total ram count for the image and the object once subdiveded per pixel per poly is right to the wall on the 16GB machines. Could this be a job for Infinimap? Oh it very well could be. Meanwhile I am working again on Zeppelin texture tweaks. It’s a bit of a tug of war between “yeah it looks gut in render yah!” and “there is no information now in the buffers on the other side that make for extra sexy push in compositing to really make it look gut yah!”. So back we are to doing one more round on Zeppelin texture tweaking. It would have been really helpful though if the image maps were just image maps and not full on paintings of all the details and everything else, which were then flattened in photoshop making them borderline useless. Thankfully for the NEXT big ship texture job it will be happy fluffy layered photoshop images with proper labeling and elements we can turn on and off the way we want it to look later on in render and in comp. YES! Finally the last elements of “maya/mental ray” non-sense will be eliminated from my pipeline.  

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3 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 99

  1. Lassi says:

    “yeah it looks gut in render yah!”

    Makes me lol and cringe. Finnish accent is awesome 🙂

    Also, I was wondering… Would it be possible to visit your office/studio/whatever you call it some day during the production? (reply in email osmthng :))

  2. kat says:

    Hey Lassi. It was an impression of a fin doing a german accent actually.. 🙂
    I’m not sure its ok to bring “outsiders” in just yet but maybe at the end of the show. We are thinking about having a small wrap party or something. Could be good.
    what have you been up to over the summer?


  3. Lassi says:

    Perhaps later then, yah, gut. 🙂

    Had a month of vacation. Fishing, drinking beer. And a lot of coding. 🙂

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