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Iron Sky – Day 88

We are now joined by Mark Hennessy-Barrett who comes to us from the United Kingdom which is still smoldering from riots and rude yobs. Mark will be taking on a sequence of shots in the film that are very important to the story and will also lend a hand in other areas. This is good because we needed the help. We are lucky to have him on board and I’m happy to finally meet and work with him. Should be cool 🙂 Lee has made a huge amount of progress on a sequence that is equally as important (the start of the film basically) and its getting closer to completion hourly. What’s left? Massive amounts of detailing on a couple models and then light the shots, break out and render. Luke’s combat with one of the Zeppelins being brought back over from Maya (why it had to be done in maya in the first place is beyond me, the time it took on that end of the bench was pretty significant – to the point where we could have done it in LW in the first place, but there are only so many of us here to do that kind of tedious work) is nearly complete. Nightmare? Yes, very much so. But the results once we have our way with it now that it’s in LightWave will pay off big time. Tuomas continues with his work smashing Valkyries. It’s very impressive to watch him work. I really hope we don’t loose him at the end of the month as he may have to return to Helsinki and back to his old job at Undo. Bleh, killing Nazis is more fun Tuomas! Don’t leave! =^..^= I’m continuing on with elements and creation of digital pyro and volumetric effects for several shots and its progressing but at times it’s very slow going due to technical hickups with the farm and server. Last night the server decided it wanted to reboot itself and update right in the middle of rendering and me working on things that depended on being connected to that very box and its attached drives. I hope our new doomsday storage unit shows up soon. We are going to need it. That and some monitors for Mark to work on. He’s currently plugged in and checking things out, but on his laptop only for the moment. That simply will not do. I know we will have him sorted out quickly but we knew he was coming for about 2 weeks now and not being ready for him kind of puts a dampener on having him immediately jump in and go. This is a all hands on deck show and we need to run with everything from here on in in order to finish on time. I’m remembering enemy at the gates at the start of the film where Jude Law’s character, who can shoot, is handed a clip of rounds for a rifle and not a rifle. There is this soviet jerk standing above them instructing the new fresh batch of cannon fodder “When the one with the rifle is killed, the one without the rifle picks it up and shoots!”… Things are not that crazy here just yet, but I don’t like to be anywhere near that kind of situation needless to say. Well, things are busy here and I have to get back to it and make sure the world is rendering as much usable stuff for the shots for the show, so back to it. Meow fur neow!  

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2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 88

  1. jeric says:

    I’d yank any monitors the production office has into the animators’ area: word processing can be done on laptops.

    Anticipation of needs: this is where an “on their toes” production (i.e., not technicians but office bees) team really pays off. It’s not glamorous, but it SURE makes things nicer.

  2. kat says:

    Tis been done. One dude is on vacation (great timing for it there bud…) so its covered for the time being.

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