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Cobben Charlot


Free video : Creating Game assets in LightWave3D

Here’s a free 50 minute video on creating game assets with LightWave3D. We’ll be using LightWave to create an object, surface and texture it. Create UV maps and bake the texture using the baking camera. Then we show you how to use them in-game. In this case we use the maniaplanet franchise (trackmania and shootmania). This is the link :

New product : High Quality Traffic Signs object set

New in our shop is a highly detailed object set of traffic signs for LightWave3D in three variations. Read more for details.

Sci-Fi Modeling vol.2 :: Exteriors: Futuristic City

In this training video watch Lightwave Instructor Adam Gibson build a Sci-Fi Style City similar to many that have been created for big screen sci-fi action films.

Winner announced for the LWCAD 4 contest

Last year december we (Liberty3D and BLR) launched the LWCAD 4 contest. A goal of receiving a minimal of 15 entries was unfortunately not met. However, mr. Velicko from Wtools3D was impressed enough with the entries we got and decided to pick a winner receiving a full license of LWCAD 4.

Print Production Techniques Vol. 1

We have just added a new LightWave videotraining to our Library “Print Production Techniques vol. 1“. In this video you are guided in the process of creating a 3D image and making it ready for the printers. It is complete project based and shows LightWave modeler and layout as well as Photoshop and InDesign. Also covering a way of creating consistent design looks. Click here for more details.

Here’s your chance to win a copy of the brand new LWCAD 4

Liberty3D and The Benelux Lightwave Resource in association with WToold3D have setup a contest for you to win a copy of the brand new LWCAD 4.0!

LightWave Plugin of the Week: Thickener 3.5

This weeks plugin is called Thickener. I’m guessing that many of you are already familiar with Thickener, but for those who aren’t I’ve put together a quick video showing you this tool. The tool has been created by Christian Bloch (Blochi) and while contacting him for permission to add the plugin to the Benelux Lightwave Resource he was so kind as to update the plugin to 3.5 making it compatible with LightWave 9.3 up to LightWave 11 for both PC and MAC! You can download version 3.5 here. — CharlotRead More

Free LightWave3D camera rig

A complete free camera rig you can use in your LightWave3D scenes.

Liberty3D brings in Benelux LightWave Resource (BLR)

Benelux Lightwave Resource logo

We are very proud to announce that effective immediately the Benelux Lightwave Resource is now part of Liberty3D.

LightWave Plugin of the Week: CM Polygon Divider Tools

This weeks plugin actually contains three plugins. Created some time ago by Carl Merrit, they allow for a quick Polygon divide especially handy for subpatch modeling.

Lightwave Scenefile conversion tool

As many of you already know, there is a bug in Lightwave 10.0 and Lightwave 10.1. When you are using a numbering system that has a comma for decimal point (like in The Netherlands), you cannot load scenefiles received from others. We’ve created a temporary solution for this.

Sony Vegas Pro to Lightwave LW-Link updated

Vincent Mesman has updated his LW-Link script building the bridge between Sony Vegas Pro and Lightwave3D.

New products available at Liberty3D

We have new releases from plugins to full project video training here @ Liberty3D!