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Friday, February 8th, 2013


Free video : Ground fog using 11.5’s new fog textures

It didn’t take long before the videos showing off what LightWave 11.5 tools can do started to appear on Youtube, including a couple of videos from Liberty3d citizen Kevin Phillips, showing how a few of the new tools helped value add and enhance his workflow with a German WW2 fighter plane. Check them out below: Creating ground fog using the new Textured Fog color feature in LW11.5 Creating dropped undercarriage using LW11.5’s new modeler tools

Free video : Creating Game assets in LightWave3D

Here’s a free 50 minute video on creating game assets with LightWave3D. We’ll be using LightWave to create an object, surface and texture it. Create UV maps and bake the texture using the baking camera. Then we show you how to use them in-game. In this case we use the maniaplanet franchise (trackmania and shootmania). This is the link :