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Free video : Ground fog using 11.5’s new fog textures

It didn’t take long before the videos showing off what LightWave 11.5 tools can do started to appear on Youtube, including a couple of videos from Liberty3d citizen Kevin Phillips, showing how a few of the new tools helped value add and enhance his workflow with a German WW2 fighter plane. Check them out below:

Creating ground fog using the new Textured Fog color feature in LW11.5

Creating dropped undercarriage using LW11.5’s new modeler tools

2 Comments to Free video : Ground fog using 11.5’s new fog textures

  1. Rwhunt99 says:

    These are great videos, really appreciate showing some of the new features and how to make use of them, looking forward for more tips!!

  2. kevman says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m hoping to throw together a few more as I find the time… 🙂

    I try and make sure I apply the tips to current projects if I can – its a nice way to see how they can be used, rather then just how to use them.

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