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Winner announced for the LWCAD 4 contest

We had some really amazing entries and they could not have been judged by the rendered image alone, as even some had the interior modeled. Really amazing work contestants! As you can see from the entries we had from visually really amazing atmospheres to great detailing and originality. So as you can see Nico_cad became the winner for this contest. We had narrowed it down to 4 entries and it was difficult to choose from those four. Nico_cad won due to the massive and detailed model he created working from reference images he took. He included every step of the modeling process with his entry, as well as a full A4 size paper with his motivation on why he would need a copy of LWCad.

Impressive work Nico_cad and congratulations!

Charlot Cobben

2 Comments to Winner announced for the LWCAD 4 contest

  1. nico_cad says:

    lollllllllll!!!! i’m very happy!!!! thank’s all!!!

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