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NewTek Ships LightWave11!

Yes, its finally out! LightWave11, the biggest single upgrade in the history of LightWave since, well a long long time – perhaps even since 5.6 came out is now available. As many of you know, LightWave11 was instrumental in the production of Iron Sky as we were working with NewTek throughout the production cycle using LightWave11 to produce final shots shown throughout the film. Now is your chance to get your hands on the same advancements and improved technology that helped us make the movie when other applications failed (Maya) to deliver. If you need to, you can download the trial as that is available but I encourage everyone to upgrade from their current version to LW11 immediately. More information is here. Training videos for LightWave11 are already in the works from us here at and we can tell you that our own tools are fully compatible with LightWave11. UberCam 1.9 and QuadPanels have been tested extensively (and are being used in production) with LightWave11 on all platforms. More details and training materials to come! But first you need your copy, so go and get it!

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One Comment to NewTek Ships LightWave11!

  1. JPWestmas says:

    I’ve been impressed with LW 11 trial so far. A few issues with hot pixels here and there but remarkably that’s it so far. The new AA is super fast and the reflections are remarkably looking better. Not faster reflections but look much better imo. Which is pretty important to Sci-Fi people I imagine ^.^

    I wonder how Maya failed you. Using maya is too much work I imagine. 😉

    Thanks for supporting LW11+

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