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LightWave Plugin of the Week: Thickener 3.5

This weeks plugin is called Thickener. I’m guessing that many of you are already familiar with Thickener, but for those who aren’t I’ve put together a quick video showing you this tool. The tool has been created by Christian Bloch (Blochi) and while contacting him for permission to add the plugin to the Benelux Lightwave Resource he was so kind as to update the plugin to 3.5 making it compatible with LightWave 9.3 up to LightWave 11 for both PC and MAC! You can download version 3.5 here. — Charlot Cobben

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6 Comments to LightWave Plugin of the Week: Thickener 3.5

  1. Ed Orlowski says:

    Thanks for updating this great plugin!

  2. I’ll pass it on to Christian !

  3. Bob Fields says:

    This is excellent timing as I recently purchased LW v.11 and was wondering (last week) if this most useful plug would be updated. 🙂

    Thank you, Liberty3D and Blochi!

  4. kat says:

    Is anyone having problems with the download link?

  5. Lewis says:

    For me It says this : You don’t have download permissions


  6. I had one question of someone who could not connect, but that was due a complete blackout of the service provider.
    If you get you “do not have download permissions” then you are not logged in or registered. I did not find a user with your name or e-mail so I guess its the latter.

    @Kat: Why did you ask. You having troubles ?

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