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Liberty3D brings in Benelux LightWave Resource (BLR)

Benelux Lightwave Resource logo We are very proud to announce that effective immediately the Benelux LightWave Resource is now part of Liberty3D. The Benelux LightWave Resource website (or short BLR) used to be a full blown community based website and is now transformed into a file repository for anything LightWave3D related. One of the reasons talks came about between the two parties, was because the owner of the BLR website still wanted to offer community support for the well over 400 members. The BLR website offers very high quality LightWave assets including scene files, objects, textures and more. HDR Images and hard to find Plugins are stored as well. And it’s all free! Add a detailed search engine, tags and notifications options to the list and you get a pretty amazing free gem.

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2 Comments to Liberty3D brings in Benelux LightWave Resource (BLR)

  1. WillCameron says:

    Just an FYI, you can only have a 10 digit/letter Username when you sign up on the BLR website. Dunno if thats by design? It lost my letter N 🙁 heh.

    – Will.

  2. Hi Will! Thanks for registering and for the info.
    It was by design, although it is now set to 15 characters and your “n” has now been added to your name.
    Jut remember to use it when logging in 🙂

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