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Iron Sky – Day 166

Due to us being crazy busy I haven’t been able to provide you happy fans of the Iron Sky LW team blog a new entry in almost 2 weeks that had any juicy bits to it. Well, today I hope to make up for it. Problem with doing this blog is that I can only talk about so much. I don’t want to give away the plot to the show and some of the stuff we are doing and with what I can’t even mention. So that makes it difficult to keep posting with more news and fun. A couple of developments though. Mark is unfortunately leaving the show to return to the UK due to a family issue that is very pressing. We will miss him. It sucks that he’s going but I completely understand his reasons and I would probably do the same thing if I was in his shoes. On the flip side, while we will be a little short handed (some of the stuff Mark has done has been instrumental with a few key shots and it looks great btw!) we do have our modeling and LightWave elf back from Helsinki (Helstinki?). That of course is Tuomas Kankola. He’s going to smack me when he reads this. Just imagine what he’s going to do to me when I get Samuli to put his title in the credits as a joke, being “Modeling Elf”. I will be murdered I’m sure. Hey the film is a comedy right? Luke is dealing right now with his own personal nightmare of a shot that features a LOT of stuff going on and its a major piece to wade through. Somehow though he keeps on trucking. Meanwhile I have been stuck fighting with a special explosion shot that should have been very straight forward and easy but turned into a technical nightmare with several crashes related to how the network here is set up. (thats my deduction and I am sticking to it). Lee is pushing really really big amounts of polygons and textures around on a stack of shots that start off the film. Once he is done with that, the two of us need to look at some final issues with a major shot at the end of the show that has been put into our hands on the LightWave side  of the office. A huge amount of work has gone into the modeling from zBrush on this piece along with several other bits of our moon (I’m not giving anything away there, we all know the nazi’s are on the moon in this movie) and the scene files are beyond massive. Yet LightWave still swallows these scenes. Sure, possibly not as well as we would like to, but it does it and it renders just fine. Everything always takes longer than we would like, but thankfully LightWave is rendering pretty much everything from here on in exclusively and that translates into predictable results. For the immediate future though, we have a massive amount of work to do for this next delivery and I need to get back to this evil shot so I can work on some smashy crashy stuff! That and I think I need to get Luke some pepitobismal or something like that. Definately a strange product name even though I know I didn’t spell it correctly. Bismal Pepito condition. Yuck. But it does work. 🙂  

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