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Kat’s Siggraph 2013 LightWave Group video is up!

Finally! Kat’s Siggraph 2013 appearance has made it to the interwebs. It was a bit of a wait but its finally up on The LightWave Group’s’s page. It’s short, only 1/2 hour long but interesting nevertheless. Check it out here.. Or just watch below.

Here is a copy of HierCloneSelect for you.


8 Comments to Kat’s Siggraph 2013 LightWave Group video is up!

  1. Gary says:

    the cloning lscript that you use in the video, is it available somewhere?

  2. gary says:

    can’t seem to find it on their site…if you could post a link that would be great. Great video by the way. Its always nice to see how a production would build up scenes. I am a graphic designer for films here in Canada, and do a lot of lightwave rendering for practical animation playback. So I don’t see a production pipeline as far the the 3D goes.


  3. ianr says:

    Same As Gary HierCloneRepeat naddaa?

  4. kat says:

    The link is part of the post now. scroll up.

  5. ianr says:

    Thanks Kat, U’s from Dudesville!

  6. Roadwarrior says:

    Thanks kind sir Kat!

  7. SonicN2O says:

    Very informative video, thanks for sharing!

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