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IpiSoft Releases IpiSoftDMC 2.0 Beta

Ipisoft has introduced its latest update for their Desktop Motion Capture line of products. 2.0 is now in beta and you can test it today. Some interesting functions that have emerged are numerous, but one that strikes me as being the most handy that this version will support conversion from 1.x format video to 2.0 format video which will compress the material and thus not suck up a huge amount of drive space. This is good! Another function is the improved recorder itself which seems much more thought out than previous versions and when you install the recorder it will install any and all of the drivers for devices that the recorder itself supports, from the PSEye to the MS PrimeSense Xbox and Kinect for Windows Drivers to the Asus depth sensor unit as well. Talk about hassle free! I haven’t dipped too far into the IpiStudio side of things just yet, but I’m about to as I do further test for the short film I’m working on plus sort out work flow for Stasys as the web-series will be all mocap with additional hand animation on top where needed (for things like hands, facial capture, clean up, etc.) but this is an incredibly exciting development. By the end of this year if Ipisoft holds itself to their release schedule for 2.0 they will be providing users with props tracking, multiple actor tracking, head tracking and more. All for under 1500 bucks including the cameras. You can’t beat that price.  

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