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LightWave3D Animators needed!

ATTN: If you live in Quebec or the Atlantic Provinces and you are a LightWave3D character animator please contact Kat @ with your resume and reel links ASAP. Paid job coming up, slots for 2 people, short term but you can work remotely. You HAVE to live in one of these areas in order to be considered. Cheers.

2 Comments to LightWave3D Animators needed!

  1. Alper OCAK says:

    I’m a freelance LW character animator in Turkey.
    Pleaase check my works in my blog site.

  2. kat says:

    Ok you might be a LightWave Character animator but did you READ the part where it CLEARLY states you have to be in Quebec or the Atlantic Provinces of CANADA?

    How come no one can read any more?

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