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Stasys Production Update – 10.3.12

Hello out there in and Sci-Fi land! I just wanted to post here and provide an update on Stasys since we haven’t had one since the summer which is a huge amount of time that’s gone by. First off, I want to say again thank you so much for everyone’s support of the project and hats off to our great art team who are working with me on the show. In addition to you and them, I also want to welcome on board a few people who have joined the team on the production side of things. Earlier in the summer, Eric Chu joined up and began drawing up initial concepts for the show. If you don’t know who Eric is already, well he’s the guy who was largely responsible for how BSG looked – as he was the one who designed the new BSG itself, the Cylon Basestars, the Raiders and Centurions (my favorite!) for the show. Along with Eric came Wes Sargent who has worked on all 3 Stargate shows over the years as a LightWave3D visual FX artist and is also part of the Moon Base Alpha: Legacy project.  Along with Eric and Wes, Robert Falconer a Vancouver based writer who was recommended to me by Eric and Wes also joined the team. Robert comes on board as a producer and senior story/script editor. Robert and I have been working very hard on the first 9 of 18 episode scripts along with other various documents including the Stasys Series bible and character bios. To assist with this, Robert has enlisted Kevin Grazier who many in the Sci-fi community know from his advisory roles as science advisor on shows including BSG, Eureka, Fallen Skies and Defiance. With all of this said it seems that Stasys is now amassing further interest online and behind the scenes (can’t get into that much right now) as we assemble what is starting to look like a “who’s who” list of the greatest sci-fi projects out of the last decade. I am obviously very excited about all of this and I just wanted to let everyone know that we are in for an interesting ride so keep posted and stay up to date on the progress of Stasys here on as well as our website for the show at and our facebook page found at

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