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Bullet Dynamics for LightWave

Combined Video Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes PREREQUISITES: Basic knowledge of Modeler and Layout. This content assumes you are comfortable with the Lightwave interface and focuses heavily on Bullet Dynamics. INCLUDED CHAPTERS (Sample scenes are included): 1) The Basics – An introduction to the bullet body types, walk-through of the interface, general workflow stuff. 2) Workflow and Scale – Overview of how to utilize bullet in a practical scenario using a penny jar as an example. There are issues created by trying to simulate such small objects in such high quantities, and I demonstrate how to turn a difficult production scenario into a practical one. 3) Metalink and Proxy Meshes – Bullet deforming bodies (aka softbodies) are about 10x slower than syflex. Despite this, you might want to use a soft body in a rigid body simulation, so I outline how to maximize the speed of simulations by using proxy geometry through Metalink, along with workflow considerations that you need to know about when using this approach. 4) Destroying Things – For some reasons, movies hate bridges… so we’re going to destroy a bridge! We cover the whole workflow surrounding the destruction of objects and controlling that destruction. 5) Constraints Overview – Bullet physics can be tethered, hinged, and constrained in ways that can allow you to build working contraptions that animate on their own. Before moving onto the next chapter, I outline all of the constraints available and how they are typically used. 6) Making a Vehicle – We find out how to build a fully functional truck capable of traversing rough terrain, complete with suspension system and 4-wheel drive. 7) Vehicle Steering and Throttle – Building a truck is cool, but it is a lot more fun if you can control its speed and turning using a single control null. SUPPLIMENTARY CONTENT CHAPTERS (sample scene are included): About 2 Point Polygons Attaching Deforming Bodies with Weight Maps Attaching Deforming Bodies (Alternate Method using a null) Attaching Deforming Bodies using Shape Retention Chains Explained Deforming Puppet Targeted Fracture Wobbly Antenna This is the only tutorial of its kind for Lightwave, carefully-crafted and built from the ground up to provide you the fastest, most efficient way to start utilizing bullet in your workflow. Bullet Dynamics for Lightwave:
 ($64.95) Click here for links to Ryan Roye’s other training products Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

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