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The Syflex Workflow Guide

The Syflex Workflow Guide by Ryan Roye Syflex is a very powerful 3rd party soft body simulation engine for Lightwave… but it’s poorly understood despite the fact it’s up to 50 times faster than native tools. Simulate character clothing, hair, water, mud, leaves, and anything you can think of in real time. Ryan demystifies this underrated plugin and introduces trade secret workflows that will let your dynamics work with your scene rather than against it! VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________
  • Video Runtime (Syflex content): Approx. 80 minutes
  • Video Runtime (Supplementary): Approx. 26 minutes
  • Video Resolution: 1600×872
  • Subtitles: English
  • _____________________________ CONTENT COVERED IN SYFLEX VIDEO _____________________________ ——— CHAPTER 1: Introduction (Runtime 13:18) ——— Covers everything you need to know to get up and running in Syflex in addition to common workflow practices. The content is designed to prepare you for the chapters to follow. ——— CHAPTER 2: Topology and Thickness (Runtime 14:52) ——— The organization of polygons and general understanding of topology is important to be aware of for any dynamics engine. I explain how this can impact the results you get from simulations, and then delve into two workflows that allow you to achieve cloth with thickness without additional calculations needed. ——— CHAPTER 3: Interactions with Cloth (Runtime 17:00) ——— In order to fully take advantage of Syflex, you must first know how to interact with simulated entities. This video goes more in depth on how Syflex’s forces can allow you to manipulate things that are otherwise automatically animated. ——— CHAPTER 4: Character Clothing (Runtime 27:46) ——— Likely the ultimate goal for many viewers. At this point, the three previous videos have introduced most of the elements needed to set up a rigged character to operate with dynamics. I cover here the entire workflow that I use to achieve a cloth-rigged character. Unlike with Bullet, Syflex cloth rigs can actually be made to work while you are editing. ——— SYFLEX SUPPLEMENTARY VIDEOS ———- – Real-time editing (Runtime 1:46) – Mass Chain Dynamics (Runtime 1:27) – SimColliders (Runtime 2:35) – A note on weight maps with Syflex (Runtime 1:46) ——— OTHER INCLUDED SUPPLEMENTARY VIDEOS ———- – Cage Deformer Introduction (Runtime 22:05) – Assign Tools (Runtime 4:24) _____________________________ INCLUDED SAMPLE SCENES _____________________________ Many sample scenes are included with the content, which can serve as either templates or give you insight as to how to achieve certain effects. Most of these have in-scene notes that explain what you are looking at and other bits of info you may find useful. Here is a list of scenes included: – Chapter 1-4 all have content files related to what they cover, including the character rigs and their models. – Mass chain collision scene – Popping a balloon and manipulating it – FiberFX with Syflex example – Animated leaves from a tree – Making Mud paths – Making water paths – Parachute – Rigged Dynamics (with example control setup) – Wall Cutting PURCHASE LINKS: IMPORTANT: Syflex is a 3rd party plugin and not a native tool to Lightwave. You must purchase this plugin to benefit from this content. Check out Syflex! As always, if you have any questions about the content before or after purchase, e-mail me at The Syflex Workflow Guide
    ($69.95) Click here for links to Ryan Roye’s other training products Click here for link to Ryan Roye’s commercial plugins

    6 Comments to The Syflex Workflow Guide

    1. Hi!

      I wonder where in your Syflex workflow guide you clarify the hair simulation with dynamics in a tutorial?

      • Ryan Roye says:

        There’s no video coverage on that topic, just the example scene with some quick notes on the setup. The steps to get to that point are similar to what is shown in the main content overall.

    2. I bought the Syflex WorkFlow Guide training materials in 2016, but didn’t work through all of it at that time. I have proof of that purchase, but I won’t post it here for obvious reasons.

      This past weekend I went back to finish the final Chapter, “04_CharacterClothing.mp4” and found the video file corrupted. I went to my backup and un-rar-ed the archive and found that the “04_CharacterClothing.mp4” was also corrupted in the original rar archive I downloaded back in 2016.

      I wrote to Ryan Roye this past weekend asking if I could get access to the final Chapter 4 (which I paid for in 2016), but have had no response.

      Is there any way that could provide that final Chapter 4 to me?_ I did pay for it …_

      I can provide proof of purchase, if you contact me at my email address for this post.


    3. Thanks for responding! I got the files (I only needed the .mp4 file; the content files were not corrupted).

      I highly recommend this training if you want to use SyFlex quickly and efficiently!

      I also highly recommend Ryan Roye’s other training materials and plugins. They have saved me many hours of time getting up to speed for complex animations.

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