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Unreal Bridge for Lightwave Users

Combined Video Runtime: 47 Minutes INCLUDED CHAPTERS: 1) Intro and Setup – Includes some time-saving shortcuts that will allow you to apply settings to every new project you make. 2) Unreal Bridge – Detailed overview of Lightwave’s interchange tools with Unreal. 3) Preparing Models – The ins and outs of what you need to know to make models and their surfacing work properly in Unreal 4) Skysphere and Lights – Set up your backdrop and get interactive global illumination with gorgeous scene-wide lighting. Sky lights can be made to use your backdrop to add color to your environment. 5) Soft Shadows with Standard Light – I demonstrate how to get ultra high-quality shadows, even on assets that do not normally support them. 6) Bone Mesh Issues and Solutions – You will run into issues trying to import a skeletal mesh (either via the bridge or via FBX), and I go over how make things work properly. 7) Importing Deformed Meshes – A brief chapter on how to import simulated content into Unreal. 8) Rendering Things Out – All about the cinematic viewport and processing images from your scene cameras for use in video. 9) About Unreal Projects – A brief chapter on how unreal projects work, and some other last minute stuff. Also included are example Lightwave and Unreal scenes Unreal Bridge for Lightwave Users:
($64.95) Click here for links to Ryan Roye’s other training products Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

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