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NAB week! Plus a 25% off sale!

Hey there LightWavers and our supporters. It’s been a very interesting week or two in the land of LightWave3D. We will be on the floor at NAB in the LV Convention Center here in Las Vegas and hopefully discussing things with Dr. Cross and his counter part (whoever that may be) from Vizrt, who recently acquired NewTek. I will be looking to get clear and accurate information. In the mean time we have started our annual NAB special. Get 25% off your purchases here at Use the coupon code: L3DLWNAB2019 until the end of this week and save!  

4 Comments to NAB week! Plus a 25% off sale!

  1. AnimeJoe says:

    I’m a little lost. What is the secret to getting the discount to work because all weekend I’ve been adding different things to the shopping cart and testing different amount totals and I keep getting this message:

    “Cart does not meet the minimum requirement for this coupon!”

  2. LWForever says:

    Thank you guys for being such awesome supporters of LW. Whenever things start appearing uncertain or dark, you guys have always held steadfast in your support of the program. Personally, I think things will be okay. I can’t understand how LW could not be seen as an asset. And with two consecutive upgrades, 2018 and then pow, 2019, clearly NT saw value in the program and finding a way forward. Please do post whatever you find out. People are probably just nervous because it is a dog-eat-dog world out there and there have been some ups and downs in the past. For myself, I am a firm believer in the program and completely committed to it. I appreciate all the tutorials you guys do and plan to get Ryan’s videos right now. Any way, please keep us updated especially during this time. Both Dr. Cross and Baker have been pretty consistent so far and are saying the merger doesn’t change anything, both companies are strong, and this is kind of a win-win thing. I certainly hope that’s the case.

    • kat says:

      Consider this. LightWave3D is the oldest product SKU in NewTek’s Catalog. I don’t think for a second that was by “fluke”. There is a reason why LighWave3D has survived. Now it just needs to tell the world why.

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