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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 21 – VFX Editing and Previs

Practical Production Techniques Vol 21 is a 5.5-hour (plus bonus video!) tour de force of VFX Editing and other Previs process and logic to approaching the shot breakdown and logging methodology found in modern visual effects budgeting and supervision. But this title is much more than that!

Taking the last “big sequence” of VFX needed to complete the short film “Curse of the Phantom Shadow” which itself contains over 80 Visual Effects shots for 4 minutes out of the 30+ minute film that has over 400 vfx shots (so far); this process is critical for many reasons.

Shot logging into a system such as Shotgun or even just to label each shot for the purpose of creating directory structures so as to get a grasp of the tasks to be tackled without becoming overwhelmed, is a lifesaver and you will see why. Multiple Awarding Winning VFX Artist and CG Supervisor Kelly “Kat” Myers breaks things down in Davinci Resolve Studio 18 (beta2 is featured) in order to create a VFX Sequence Edit. Titling each shot the old-school way and using built-in tools found in Resolve Studio 18.

Working hand in hand with LightWave3D 2020.0.3 to set up initial previs of shots found in the sequence that can utilize live-action stock footage plates to sell the “look” of the show, Kat knocks out several shots for comp and previs using the tools directly in the edit session, something that until the emergence of Davinci Resolve Studio mixed with the power of Fusion and LightWave3D was unheard of for a VFX editor to even consider doing. If you have to do the work yourself on a project like this, then this is the kind of workflow you need to consider adopting to keep yourself motivated and sane!

From a previs VFX edit session the video takes you into the realms of shot stabilization approaches, new tools, old tricks and much more to demonstrate how one or even a couple of artists can power through an 80+ shot sequence like this, in a short period of time.

The entire title consists of 23 video segments and includes LightWave3D content and Objects (The TowTruck from the show) plus where possible additional imagery.

Get it now for just $24.95

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