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Rebel Hill releases RHiggit for LightWave3D

Rebelhill is someone in the LW community that needs very little introduction. A top-notch industry veteran character animator and excellent LightWave3D instructor, we all know him well, but he’s always got something cooking that blows minds. This past week he has released a complete set of rigging tools for LightWave3D that continue to bring huge amounts of power to LightWave for Character Animators. With all this talk of “Messiah” as of late, which is fine – I think its cool (messiah that is) its really nice to see someone using LightWave in an area that everyone in “maya” land says LW sucks at. Character Animation. As you will see in his demonstration video, he’s got LW doing some great stuff and fast with his tools. You really need to check it out and he even has a free edition for people to get their heads wrapped around before deciding to buy the full or studio versions. Make sure you visit his site and check out all the goodies he has available but make sure you watch the video below. For more information, hit

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