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Sunday, September 20th, 2015


Cloud & Nebula Creation- Lightwave 2015- Volume #7- Particles & HyperVoxels I Basics

Learn How to Create Clouds and Outer Space Nebulas in Lightwave 2015. Spice up your sky environments and outer space scenes. In this Beginner Level Lightwave 2015 tutorial Adam Gibson demonstrates easy to follow steps for Cloud and Nebula creation in Layout. So if you are new to Particles and HyperVoxels this tutorial is a great place to start. $19.00 US   Table of Contents for Volume #7: Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- HyperVoxel Cloud Concepts Chapter 3- HyperVoxel Cloud Initial Set-Up Chapter 4- HyperVoxel Cloud (Stretch Direction Input Parameter) Chapter 5- HyperVoxelRead More