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Iron Sky – Mission Complete

After 7+ months of working on Iron Sky in Finland at Energia Productions, I’m finally back in Vancouver. With this said special awesome thanks to Samuli and his team at Energia and to Tuomas Kankola, Lee Stringer, Luke Whitehorn and the rest for making the experience great. With just a few small things to tidy up, our job is done and come April 4th, 2012 you will see the fruits of our labor and hard work on the big screen (which is really kind of cool). Another special thanks goes out to the NewTek 3D development team and Rob Powers for seeing the Light(Wave) and helping us out by making LightWave11 (which saw some serious play time on deck) the best it can be for use in productions like this. As Iron Sky comes to a close, new projects have already started up and LightWave will be the center of them! More details on this to come, but its a good time to be a LightWave artist. So hold your heads high, render hard and fast and keep rocking! There is work to be done! Thanks again to everyone involved on the production including our own team of Liberty3D tools programmers. You guys rock! Next up is to get the tools made for us out to the community for use in their own productions and work. We will be sharing this stuff soon, some tools being free, others being very very affordable. Stand by for more details and now that I am back I’m back into making tutorials and videos shortly featuring LightWave11 and the production methods we used with LW11’s new set of tools including instancing, fracture, bullet and more on Iron Sky! Cheers!

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6 Comments to Iron Sky – Mission Complete

  1. Tony says:

    Welcome home! Great to hear that things got wrapped up as planned, and its exciting to hear that the fruits of your labors beyond the movie itself will make it out to the community.


  2. Kat says:

    Thanks Tony!
    Give me a few more days and you will start to see these things pop up here on

    Stay tuned!

  3. Tony says:

    LOL – Kat, that’s always welcome news! But truthfully I hope you take time to relish being home for the Holidays first. Again, welcome back!


  4. SonicN2O says:

    woohoo! welcome back, kat!

  5. Luke says:

    It was exhilausting. That’s a word I just made up that is exhilarating and exhausting. Oh yeah.

  6. Kat says:

    It was fun, but I didn’t enjoy the summer time where it was stupid hot all day every day and night. Yeah. night? whats that? PermaDusk in july.

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