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Iron Sky – Day 211

Tuomas has left the building and after a brisk walk down to the train station with him, he’s off to Helsinki and now done with Iron Sky. One of his last shots seems to have problems rendering on the farm but this really isn’t too much of a surprise at the movement. The network in the energia office has been on the fritz for the past 3 days. So that one will render locally which is fine, its pretty quick to cook off a frame and there are not that many of them. I’m still working through the volumetrics of the last major “action” shot scene in the show. Luke did an awesome job on this one but I have to get it the rest of the way after he headed back to the UK which is cool. It’s eerily quiet around here. Lee is in Russia trying to not end up a hostage and won’t be back until Tuesday morning. Samuli is at home either resting or doing work remotely, I don’t know at the moment. He needed a break either way. Jussi and Vesa are here (our art director/matte painter and one of the comp team members respectively) working on some final bits needed for this week so the last of the set extension and compositing shots can be completed. At this time really its just rendering thats happening around here. Unfortunately Jimms Computer need the farm back, and we will be loosing about half our rendering capability starting tomorrow morning. Thankfully we don’t really have much left to cook off. Sometime soon I hope to  be getting confirmation as to when I will be going home.  It’s been fun, but I have to get back to my life and deal with a mess of outstanding issues plus get back to cooking off more tutorials (stay tuned for details on that!).  For the moment thats all I can report but this regular blog entry thing about the progress of the show and how its been going is almost at an end. So what’s next?? Don’t worry about that for now, but its going to be pretty neat. Kat.

3 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 211

  1. Alex says:

    i think i know whats next 😉
    but i wont spoil it 🙂

  2. jeric says:

    Kat, when you do your “Setting Up a Render Farm” article/tut/DVD, be sure to include all the weirdnesses you’ve encountered.

    Too often I see articles that have an underlying assumption of “and if everything goes right….”. If everything went right all the time, people with your knowledge wouldn’t be so valuable.

    So a lot of, “And THEN there was this one time where…..” would be very helpful.

  3. Tony says:


    Looking forward to having you back. Glad to hear that you getting closer to hearing only… crickets

    The new training stuff you’ll be working on should prove to be particularly useful too 🙂

    Be well!


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