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Iron Sky – Day 206

Luke has escaped from the clutches of this production and gone home to England today. Lucky bastard, except for the England part. 😛 The rest of us are here doing the last of the last bits. It’s all just pretty much render power vs. man power at this point. That and smart approaches to what seemed like nearly impossible problems. Tuomas has come up with an awesome solution to one of our shots that was originally to be simulated in Maya, but got dumped on us and you know what? It was the best move for them to make because Tuomas has taken it out of the “simulation” world and into the strange universe of DPont Nodes (specifically parts move) to effectively give us the same effect as desired but without any physics whatesover and just some procedurals driving around 12,000 objects (well parts in a single layered object). So once again, Maya fail, LightWave win with some help from Denis. So NewTek, just buy the guy out! Ok that is all. 🙂 Well for now.

3 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 206

  1. Phil says:

    So how many of you are left now?

  2. jeric says:

    Seriously, NewTek: when I hear that Denis can’t load a scene because his laptop is too wimpy, I wonder “Why the hell isn’t Rob Powers hand-delivering a massively tricked-out laptop to Denis?”

    I mean, doooodz, c’monnnnnnnnnnnn.

  3. kat says:

    @ Phil
    It’s myself, Lee, Tuomas, Samuli, the compositing supervisor, 2 compers and one matte painter. That’s who is finishing the show right now 🙂

    I’m just finishing up my last shot before throwing it on the farm tonight (and it has to go in tonight) and yes, 11.0 will be used (like many shots so far).

    @Jeric – Denis is an interesting kat, he’s just not one to be pressured one way or the other. Him being burned by kurv put him off in a big way.

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