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IpiSoft Announces DMC 2.0

IpiSoft has announce that it will release its latest version of their Desktop Motion Capture software that has taken the industry by storm, sometime this April. With added support coming for dual character capture, props tracking, hands and head tracking, female tracking and over all work flow improvements, this should really turn things upside down. More details and pricing information can be found here. But there will be a price increase for the full studio version in April so if you have been thinking about getting it, do it now at the reduced price and get the upgrade for free. As I’m using the product with the dual kinect set up I can say that it really really does work and work very well. Forget that its 1000 bucks for the full studio edition or just 600 for the basic edition which supports 2 kinects for Xbox or kinects for windows now along withthe new Asus xtion depth sensor controller products. 6 PSEye cameras are supported in the full version and gives you a very large capture space for not much cash. A full set up with 6 cameras, the software is around 1400 USD. Not bad at all if you need fast motion capture you can  set up almost anywhere and you are on a budget but need excellent results!

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