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NewTek Europe Interviews VFX artists behind Iron Sky

Interviews of the VFX artists from Energia and Iron Sky in general are going to start popping up a lot over the next couple of weeks. Here is one of the first ones that you can read in English. It’s only a couple of pages but it will help to give you some insight into the process with regards to Iron Sky’s visual FX and how LightWave played THE central role in bringing it to life.    

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2 Comments to NewTek Europe Interviews VFX artists behind Iron Sky

  1. This inspires me for my own Sci Fi series what fantastic work. I just finished my first feature length film and I am looking forward to tackling our next productions. Iron Sky is a prime example what happens when people do something out of love and with a can do attitude once again Fantastic Work.

    • kat says:

      Hey Jeff!
      Thanks for stopping by. Liberty3d is here for you when you need help. Indeed, I’m also starting my own film project on july 31st so I know where you are coming from with your statement here above. If you every need any help with anything let us know. We have artists on board, some of which contributed to Iron Sky who can assist with your future endeavors.

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