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TurbulanceFD v1.0 Released

Jawset TurbulanceFD Promo Image TurbulanceFD, the fire and smoke voxel plugin which has been used in productions such as Terra Nova & Iron Sky, has finally moved from beta to an official v1.0 release

Jawset Visual Computing releases fluid dynamics and volumetric rendering plugin with hybrid CPU/GPU simulation pipeline and real-time preview.

Aachen, Germany — March 8, 2012 – Jawset Visual Computing announces the release of TurbulenceFD v1.0, a fluid simulation and volumetric rendering plugin for Maxon Cinema 4D and NewTek LightWave 3D. TurbulenceFD simulates and renders all kinds of gaseous fluids like fire, smoke, explosions, vapor, mist, dust and clouds. Its intuitive workflow integrates fluid dynamics seamlessly into existing scenes by using any type of animated object geometry as emitters or solid collision objects. TurbulenceFD has already been used in several TV and film productions including
  • Iron Sky
  • Surrogates
  • Fringe
  • Terra Nova
  • CSI: Las Vegas
  • Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome
  • Hybrid CPU/GPU simulation pipeline
  • Multigrid Solver Technology
  • Adaptive Simulation Space
  • For more features see
Built on advanced Multigrid solver technology, TurbulenceFD provides outstanding simulation performance that scales well to the hundreds of millions of voxels and beyond. It’s simulation pipeline supports processing all features at their full quality on the GPU. In GPU mode, the simulation achieves speedups of up to 12 times the CPU performance. When running out of GPU memory, a fallback mechanism continues simulations on the CPU automatically. VOLUMETRIC RENDERER
  • GPU Based Real-Time Preview
  • Physically Based HDR Fire Shader
  • Render-Time Sub-Grid Detail
  • Multiple Scattering
  • For more features see
TurbulenceFD features a real-time viewport preview that enables a very intuitive shading workflow as well as direct visual control of the simulation results. The Volumetric Renderer employs efficient sampling technology that reduces the render times needed to get noise free results for large scale smoke simulations as well as the thin layers used to shade flames. A color simulation based on the physical black body radiation model provides realistic high-dynamic range fire colors without sacrificing artistic control. Multiple Scattering is calculated without noisy sampling, which makes it very effective for use in animation. TurbulenceFD features a sub-grid detail mechanism that adds procedural detail to the fluid at render time that does not require any additional simulation time or memory. FREE LEARNING EDITION A free Learning Edition with no time-limit is available for download at PRESS CONTACT Jascha Wetzel PRESS MATERIAL Download Images

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2 Comments to TurbulanceFD v1.0 Released

  1. Scott says:

    Nice plugin but awful expensive.. $528 US

  2. dwburman says:

    While it isn’t cheap, it’s still a few hundred dollars cheaper than FumeFX for MAX and a lot cheaper than buying Maya or Houdini. 🙂

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