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If you’re one of those people who were impressed by the volumetric editing and rendering capabilities of VoluMedic, but couldn’t afford the $1,000+ price tag, you’ll be happy to hear that VoluMedic CE has most of that power at price point that’s less than the cost of a LightWave upgrade. From the Press Release: VoluMedic “Creative Edition” is a lower cost version of the award winning VoluMedic 3.5 that is aimed at the creative-, visual effects- and visualization- markets. “The Creative Edition of VoluMedic will give users the most outstanding features of VoluMedic, at an unprecedented price. In contrast to many lower cost versions, VoluMedic Creative Edition, or “VoluMedic CE” for short, does not limit the artist’s creativity in any way. In fact it offers more power and flexibility to the artist than any previous version of VoluMedic until version 3.5. Like the upcoming VoluMedic 3.5, VoluMedic CE features a new, more powerful volume object type with a new user interface. This “Complex Object” type is available in addition to the “Standard Object” already familiar to users of VoluMedic 3.x. The new object type was specifically created with the needs of the visual artist and creative user in mind and provides a lot more texturing and animation options than the Standard Object. Another new feature, the new VoluMedic Procedural texture, allows the mapping of volume data to any texture channel in LightWave3D, like surfaces, displacement maps, textured motion channels and more. The new features open a wide range of new applications for one of the industry’s most revered volume rendering tools. In addition to rendering and editing scanned volume data, artists can use procedural textures to create appealing cloud and smoke effects and create perfectly beveled logos from image maps without ever having to enter LightWave’s modeling application. Comparison Table for Standard Object Type to Complex Object Type:…d%20Object.pdf Compared to VoluMedic 3.5, the Creative Edition has restrictions in the viewport display and render styles of the Standard Object. It also lacks tools for measurement and analysis. There are no restrictions on the Complex Object and all important dataset editing tools are present as well, including volume painting/sculpting. Table showing the Restrictions of VoluMedic CE compared to VoluMedic 3.5:…Medic%20CE.pdf About VoluMedicâ„¢ VoluMedic is a suite of tools for LightWave3D®, the award winning 3D animation software by NewTek Inc.. VoluMedic and LightWave3D together form a software package capable of loading, manipulating, measuring and rendering volumetric data from sources such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, 3D ultrasound, PET, SPECT, digital microscopy and more. The vast tool set provided by VoluMedic and LightWave3D is unsurpassed by competing volume visualization software. VoluMedic is flexible enough to be used not only for medical visualization, but also for material science, non destructive testing, forensic animation, biology, geology and even astronomy. The combination of VoluMedic’s excellent software volume renderer and LightWave’s industry standard animation tools, allow VoluMedic to act as a leading tool in award winning TV and film productions, such as the Emmy award winning documentary “Inside the Living Body” (2008 Emmy for best visual effects in a documentary) by National Geographic Channel and “CSI:Crime Scene Investigation”. Pricing and Availability: VoluMedic Creative Edition is now available for a suggested retail price of USD 299 (Euro 229), excluding VAT. For more information or to purchase, visit: How to create a perfectly smooth, beveled logo from a B&W image with VoluMedic CE in just two minutes: Example animation showing the finished result: Volume Painting Sculpting with VoluMedic: How to use the new complex object type: Example animation of text created from an image map blended with a procedural texture: Example animation of a logo and a volumetric dataset blended with procedural textures:

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  1. Stefan says:

    Nice renderings, yet interactive quality is not very good. The link below illustrates what multi-core CPU may do today.­Q&feature=channel

  2. kat says:

    The screen recording software is probably interfering with it in general. Just the nature of the beast and the screen recording app is also probably stuttering because of VPR running.

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