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TFD Advanced Projects and Concepts – FireBall

Kelly “Kat” Myers is back with the first in the Advanced Concepts and Projects Series for Turbulence FD by In this video, Kat shows you step-by-step the process in creating a fire ball effect similar to a ground burst or that of a gas bomb explosion. Popular on set for Special Effects, but now you can create this effect in your computer with LightWave3D and Turbulence FD for LightWave. This is an extension of the concepts shown in the Introduction to Turbulence FD for LightWave3D video available here from With a run time of 150 minutes this video includes all the scene files you need to follow along and experiment with your own settings while learning more about the shading and emission techniques used. Each of the Advanced Concepts and Projects videos in this series are designed to get you the information and scene examples you need to quickly produce an effect covered in a project. Pick and choose which ones you need when you need them. The next project video will be out very soon. Just $14.95 USD
Check out the videos and images below. PFX_SingleStateExplosionTwo_R05 (Mov File Example) PFX_SingleStateExplosionTwo_R05 FireFIRE_Valkyrie TFDCollissionObject_TestRender_R01



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  1. SP says:

    Looking forward to it..

  2. Laticis says:

    Woo hoo awesome….. 🙂

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