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New Citizen and New Video!

Introduction to Hard Surface Subdivision Modeling Video Series I would like to welcome our newest Citizen to – JeffrySG.

For those of you who don’t know Jeffry well here is a bit of background. Before founding Pixel and Poly, Jeffry was the Design Director of Skyline Displays Manhattan, North America’s leading exhibit system builder. Over the years he has designed for a wide range of clients such as: American Express, Ask Jeeves, AVON, CitiGroup, McGraw-Hill, MTV, FOX Atomic, Goldman Sachs, Lionsgate Films, Michael C. Fina, Nestle Waters, Parsons Brinckerhoff, PSE&G, Shutterstock, and WelchAllyn. He has also designed for a multitude of smaller companies. Regardless of client size or industry, he has a knack for bringing innovative and client-responsive solutions to a broad range of applications.

JeffrySG also has a new video for you modelers out there.

This collection covers the basics to get you started with hard surface subdivision modeling. It is presented using LightWave 3D 9.6 and 10 (but still totally makes sense in later versions of LightWave3D including LightWave3D 2018). The series is over 7 hours long and covers many of the techniques, tools and plug-ins that you’ll need to learn to get started with your sub-d work. It also covers ways to troubleshoot your models as well as a few real world examples to get you started. The series is geared toward people just getting started with hard surface sub-d modeling and people that just want a better understanding of the basic techniques to help their work-flows. Runtime: Over 7 Hours

You get this video now for just $23.99USD

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