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New Kat Video! Practical Production Techniques Vol. 9 – The Art of Polygon Reduction

Kat is back with a new awesome video for you! This one is the third and final installment in the sub-series on Advanced Texture Baking for LightWave3D artists. In this title, Kat gives you the run down on two tools that you absolutely need to have in order to do the best polygon reduction work; Qemmloss3 and MooTools Polygon Cruncher for LightWave. At 180 minutes this 11 part video gives you a great overview of the process of putting your models on a polygon diet getting them ready for use in game engines such as Unity3D and Unreal. Learn how to unlock the hidden power of Polygon Cruncher when you need to bang out stuff fast while also dealing with models that come from other packages that just don’t want to work right using Qemmloss3. Understand when to rebuild to low poly geometry vs. poly reduction tool use while avoiding certain gotchas along the way. This video is a great value and when combined with the other two titles in this series you will have all the information you need to take your LightWave3D creations into virtual reality, augmented reality or the next hit first person shooter game! Only $24.95 USD

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