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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 10 – Project Smoke Monster

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 10 – Project Smoke Monster!

Kat is back with another installment in the highly popular Practical Production Techniques series. In Volume 10, Kat walks you through an entire shot featuring a Daz3D character model, taking the asset from Daz3D into LightWave, surfacing it using the maps from the asset, setting it up with animation applied via MDD, transferring in TurbulenceFD settings from another scene, lighting the character using some nifty tricks for realism in a photographic plate and then compositing the rendered results in Fusion. Even if you don’t have TFD for LightWave, don’t worry as the images files that ship with this product include not one, but two TurbulenceFD lighting pass renders, plus the 3 separate geometry lighting passes, background images and the Fusion Flows (comp files) as well. With a runtime of almost 4.5 hours, this tutorial is jam-packed with lots of great tips and techniques pulled from Kat’s experiences in production. This project, originally done as a “test” for a very low budget feature film is a great way for you to learn how to set up a similar shot featuring volumetric elements whether they are CG or practically shot and what to do with them in comp. With the include the rendered image files so you can follow along during the compositing process in Fusion or even AE, Nuke or any number of other compositing applications available. You also get the scene files saved at every step along the way. Not included is the model which is a commercial asset but retails for 25 dollars on and can be easily substituted for a character of your own design or any other Daz Character you may have laying about. Get Practical Production Techniques Vol. 10 now! Just $24.95 USD!

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  1. Mark C says:

    Kat FYI, the ID4 discount code does not work for PPT Vol 10.
    Consider it a birthday gift, Happy Birthday.

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